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Owner and CEO of a global consulting firm specialising in leadership development and strategic engagement programmes

I first met BCS in 1999 when I was building a brand to be a pioneer in the field of blended learning with a focus on leadership development and employee engagement. They worked closely with myself and my fellow Directors to successfully build a coherent team comprising skills in business development, product marketing and learning design. BCS consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of delivery, consummate professionalism and market knowledge, never offering anything but exceptional candidates, all of whom made a rapid contribution to the company. It is now many years later and am delighted that they still demonstrate the same vigour, commitment and quality of service that was exhibited in our previous relationship. Overall, I have nothing but praise for the service, quality and approach offered by BCS – they have great networking skills, are tenacious and in my experience, stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

Managing Director, leading independent consulting firm

Throughout the years, BCS have effectively built confidence at all levels within our company that they will deliver through the quality of service and through strong communication. They have a clear understanding of our culture and our values which they consistently align to prospective candidates during the screening process ensuring that ‘˜fit’ is achieved. BCS have shown loyalty, commitment and integrity in their dealings with us since 2003.Throughout this time, they have successfully introduced a large number of heavyweight Programme Directors to the firm. They have a substantial network of contacts within the consulting market to draw upon and a reputation within our company for their honesty, their listening skills and their willingness to go that extra mile to achieve our mutual objective. I am delighted to recommend them.

Transformation Director, leading UK university

I have worked with BCS on a number of occasions over the years. My most vivid memory is the screening session that I had with Sheila Bradbury for the role of Programme Director for a major new initiative on behalf of a higher education institution. It was one of the toughest interviews that I have had and highlighted to me the great care that she takes in ensuring that candidates perfectly meet the requirements specified by the hiring company or organisation. I respect her greatly for this and also for the thorough briefing that she always provides on every opportunity she presents. She takes time to engage with her clients and her candidates and produces great results. I believe that she is a woman of immense integrity and would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone recruiting into or looking for a role in change management.

Managing Director & Partner of a consulting firm specialising in the delivery of business and system change projects

We started to partner with Sheila and BCS in 2015 at a time when we were in the initial stages of restructuring our business to facilitate significant growth. OptimumPPS Our consultancy specialises in delivering business and system change projects and we found there to be great synergy with what we do and the recruitment service that Sheila BCS offers. She Sheila wrote JDs, built our Associate database and has effectively responded to ad hoc vacancies that have occurred by providing shortlists of well qualified candidates in terms of both ‘fit’ and experience. She has become a highly valued member of our team at both a personal and a professional level and we will continue to work with her as we develop and grow. I am pleased to recommend her without reservation.

Business Expansion Manager, leading global property and construction consultancy

BCS have a fantastic understanding, not only of the skills we need to fill vacancies, but more importantly of the type of person and their ethos that would fit and help grow the business. They are totally honest and will only provide candidates with the right qualities, not try and ‘fudge’ skills and personalities to fit our needs. A truly professional company with their own exacting standards and a real pleasure to work with.

Director, boutique financial services consultancy

Throughout the recruitment process, Sheila consistently exceeded my expectations. Her approach to candidates is second to none. She would always ensure I was fully up to speed on any developments in the process as soon as they occurred. Any challenges that arose would soon be overcome thanks to her solid advice and experience. It is rare to work with such an individual that can provide a level of attention to detail that serves both the candidate and prospective employer in equal measure.

Director, Independent Consultancy Firm

I have worked with BCS since 1990 as both a client & candidate, & particularly during my time in Financial Services and Higher Education. Throughout the years, I have been consistently impressed by their ability to grasp situations and deliver exceptional results. Their skills focus on Information Technology, Business Change & Transformation. BCS are proactive, responsive, focused, results driven, and totally professional. They have a tremendous ability to identify relevant skill sets and understand the importance of cultural ‘fit’. Added to that, they are a pleasure to deal with.